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Money Transfers

The core busines of Study 263 is money transfers. You can now send and receive money from Zimbabwe, South Africa, China, UK and Japan.


DSTV Payments

You can now make DSTV payments via Study 263. All payments take up to 24 hours to process. 


BeForward Payments

Study 263 now allows you to make BeForward payments. Simply send us your BeForward reference number! 

Since our launch

It hasn't been an easy journey, but we're still excited to see what's next.

Study 263 BMF Pitch


Transactions to date

Since our launch, we've succesfully completed over 900 transactions.


Remittance Services

We currently offer remittance services in 5 countries, China, Japan, UK, South Africa & Zimbabwe.


Our Team

Our team of 20 is always ready to assist and we have an agent in each of the countries we offer remittance services.


Failed transactions

We're proud to announce that since our launch we've had zero failed transactions and zero negative reviews.


At the moment, we work with a flexible rate of $1 = R7 - R8.
This same rate applies for all remittances and DSTV payments between Zimbabwe and South Africa only. For other countries, please contact one of our agents for a quotation.

All remittance services and BeForward payments take up to 3 business days to complete. 

DSTV payments take up to 24 hours to complete. Please note that once a DSTV payment has been made by our agent, Study 263 cannot guarantee immediate reactivation of DSTV services. Reactivation times differ based on the account status and region. 

Please use one of following phone numbers for all ecocash payments:

Hillary Zuze - 0771418071
Hilton Zuze - 0782004645
Tinashe Jani - 0772527474 

•For other countries (China, Japan and UK) please contact our agents for a quotation. 

Absa Bank                                                               FNB Bank
Name: Tinashe Jani                                                 Hillary Zuze
Acc No: 4088428682                                              62524901148
Branch: 632005                                                        250655
Acc Type: Current                                                   Cheque

For all bank transfers, please use the Agent's name as the reference and send the proof of payment to the agent after the payment.

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